miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Topic today: Burka

The Burka is an clothing for muslim women, actualy, many people, think horrible things when they are seeing a women with Burka, some countries where the dominant religion is Chirstianism, the state prohibits the use of Burka near to schools, hospitals, some streets, and etc... really in my personal opinion, i can say: I do not like the Burka, like muslima, i think Allah created women with many beauty things, you like woman, you dnt need show to everyone your body, and another parts, but, your face is the thing that make you diferent to others, your face is unique, if Allah dnt would like you show your face, HE would not put face in our bodies, but in same time i can say, EVERYONE is FREE, and EVERY ONE HAVE RIGHTS, EVERYONE CAN CHOOSE HOW TO LIVE, i do not like Burka to use in my life, but i respect like muslima to another woman that choose this option becouse they give everything to Allah, an special submissiveness for Allah, they are AMAZING like muslima..
The people must learn to respect other kinds of life, and teach to kids respect the people diferent, the people must learn many things, for the moment, if you see someone diferent, think: we are special for diferent reasons..